Morning Has Broken

Keep in mind that pseudo-witty banter bought to you with a sound bite of some cool guitar riff is supposed to appeal to Boomers and Gen-xers (What about those of us who are stuck in that gap that defies classification?) I guess we’re supposed to be that affected by our MTV years that we can’t take straight news or music without faux happiness and quick cuts and graphics with-smiling-sunshine-cute- as-a-button presenters. Routinely, I shout obscenities at the Today Show (Aussie and US versions) and the dreadful Australian Channel 7 "Brekky Central." If I didn’t have to clean it up after, I’d hurl a cup of coffee at the TV when Mel and David Kosh (or Matt Lauer) smile. 

What’s more is how I’d like to rip my hair out when I find, instead of music on the local radio stations, MORE pseudo-witty banter blah blah blah meant to fill me with good cheer. Fortunately, driving and trichotillomania don’t mix. Music radio has become talk radio and TV morning news has become a 3-minute segment that would have fit into MTV’s original all-music format because you know we all have ADHD from watching MTV in the 80’s.

We should acknowledge and blame FoxNews for the rise and rise AND RISE of the melodramatic info-tainment slant.

How about you give it to me straight? No chipper smiles, no jokes, no Doors of Death live at Five. Let’s take back our mornings. News, weather and sports straight up, no rocks. Leave the chatter on stations with talk radio formats and just play me some damn music.

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