Switching from decaf to caf…

Grumble grumble…Smarmy morning faux news programs. Why do I tune in?

Is it so wrong that I want to find out what’s happened in the world as I slept? Is it wrong that  I want to know if :
Israel has reached an understanding with the Arab world; The Little wooden boy in that oval office office has decided to be honest about WMDs;  find out if the weather will be agreeable enough to ride my bike to work?

Part of me thinks I turn it on because I’m secretly hoping to see the perky hosts disintegrate on air.

The solution to my loathing is plain: Just turn it off.

We can stamp out info-tainment if we switched off out TVs and just said no to TODAY. Of course, then we’d have to work on the evening shock shows, the ones that ask if you want to drink sewage (vote now!) or tell you how lower socio-economic suburbs are getting the cheaper cuts of meat and all the skinny people live in the seaside communities. Maybe we can’t do it in politics, but let’s put truth back in the media. Let’s make accountability a virtue.

I like TV just as much as your average Joe and Josie. I park my butt to watch Desperate Housewives and get sucked into Ugly Betty and My Name is Earl.  I know I’m there letting my arse spread because I want to be entertained. However, being entertained is and should be different from being informed.

Shrinky says I need to calm my anxiety, but annoyance and anxiety are two different things too. Sheesh. You think a psych would know that. 

Maybe I’d get morning TV if I included a steaming up of shut the fuck up…I mean coffee with my Quaker oats…


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