So I unpacked my adjectives

“Did you know your name is an adjective? “

That’s what a kid in third grade said to me yesterday. 

God bless Schoolhouse Rock. God bless the adjective, the lolly lolly adverbs and conjunction junction what’s your function. God bless English teachers everywhere! Paris Hilton understands the word hot is an adjective and we have to thank a teacher out there for that. 

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way of Ms Hilton’s education, she failed to grasp the basic concept of personal responsibility. My manager didn’t tell me I wasn’t supposed to drive on a license that had been revoked

Oh, what the hell is that?

If you can wipe you own ass, you can accept responsibility for your own actions. 

Ok, you screw up sometimes. 

You make mistakes and learn from them. 
You do not blame others for your getting behind the wheel intoxicated. 
You do not blame others for WMD’s. 
You do not blame others because you ate that third slice of cherry pie. 

Cherry pie?

‘Scuse me while I drool like Homer Simpson…mmmmm Cherry pie.

And that’s a wrap.

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