Oh Canada and a very naughty word?

Happy Victoria Day to all you Tim Horton lovin’ puck slapping maples suckers out there. 

When is an insult a term of endearment? When is a racial epithet a good natured nudge? How come an Aussie can call his best mate a bastard or fuckwit without fear of getting king hit? You think I’d mention the N word, but I won’t. There’s been plenty said about that. Too much, really, so why should I bother?

Fuck has lost its impact. 

Fuck, it’s everywhere and on the cusp of being socially acceptable.  Gloria, my eighty-six year old next door neighbour, says fuck. 

Well, she nearly gets it out. She says Eff. She was effed off at the effing hoon next door, because he’s effing nuts. Those are her words. When Gloria is effed off she retains the ing ending, as that is proper grammar. 

When Gloria is that close to fuck usage, it’s time to move on.

My word of choice remains the C word. Not the whispered with a fearful tone cancer, but cunt. Shinky believes the word will gain acceptance.  I am struggling to have it accepted in a manuscript, where it appears twice, but not even in it’s full spelling. It’s a simple C– and that’s been enough to offend.

My curiosity lies in the intent behind the language. Anatomically speaking, the masculine equivalent is dick. Cunt should have the same impact, but it doesn’t. Bitch is still used to describe a harpy, barracuda, effeminate man, or any assertive woman with attitude. Dick just means idiot or ass. 

I could be wrong here, but I’ve never heard one man call another man cunt.  Have you? 
Didn’t think so. 
Wonder why.

Cunt is reserved for women. So what’s the big deal? If you’ve got one, why argue the point?

Meanwhile, back in my happy little Sesame Street neighbourhood, I send a big wave out to my Canuk pals. Just for you, Katie-Sue, Go Sens!

2 thoughts on “Oh Canada and a very naughty word?

  1. In response to the naughty c word

    Hey Sndra, I have to say that I have met many men who call each other cunts. I think it’s a certain type of social group where men can call each other a female’s private. Very egalitarian. Usually it’s “Some Dumb Cunt” or “This Fucking Cunt said, ..” and I’ve heard the same men use the word on their women. Not happy circumstance, but it does occur. Just wanted to let you know.
    There is a need for women to reclaim ‘their’ curse word from the men who use it as another object of which they take ownership.

    BTW, love the title graphic.


    • Re: In response to the naughty c word

      Interesting Hubble. I have heard what you descibe, but only when the man is describing a woman, not another man.

      Let’s take back our cunts!

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