Flyin’ down the infomation superhighway in a makeshift Model T A

Thanks to the internet, contact was made, success was mine. Kudos to you, Jenny Crusie. A big wave to DL!

Now, I wonder if I can connect myself to some other elusive human being–say Clive Owen. That whole six-degrees of separation started with a package posted through the US PO. So could I really, really and truly get a postcard to Clive Owen in six steps or less? 

This sounds like one of those emails that goes around, the kind where some kid in Idaho is trying to get as many people as possible to make an electronic chain around the world, a virtual Hands Across America.

Was that successful? Weren’t there gaps in places like the Mojave Desert or Death Valley?

Hm, gaps between me and Clive Owen (or Kenneth Branagh, Dominic West, Toby Stpehens, Simon Baker) …besides the location, the time it takes for international postage, the fact I know no one who knows Clive…or do I? 

Someone out there on myspace probably has Clive as a ‘friend’. What would I say to Clive anyhow, Dear Clive, loved you in  Children of Men and Gosford Park?  

AHAHAHA!  You laughed too. I heard you.

I can be all goo-goo eyed with Glen Tilbrook, but Somehow the fantasy of contacting Clive is more exciting than finding a real way to contact Clive. 

Tell me something. Is it even called the Information Superhighway anymore?

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