Oldbitey’s need to howl

Can any one tell me why I’m supposed to care about some feud Rosie O’Donnell had with some skinny blonde on some irritating TV show known as The View? Is it really a news story? 

Is it because she once said something about Donald Trump’s hair? That was "news" as well. It’s her opnion, and she’s welcome to it, but are either items worthy of  a blitzkreig of news coverage and magazine covers?

Here is  a story that warrants similar coverage, and it stems from my brush with fame–or at least my sitting at the next table from someone who is in the news and deserved to be in the news. I will warn you it is a skewed opinion, but it says more than the Rosie-Donald-Elisabeth ca-ca. In fact, the fella could have an impact on a large island nation.

I’m not afraid to name names. 

Kevin Rudd. 

There I said it.  Usually I swear when I see his name. I’ll  shout it at the TV when he’s on, or yell at the newspaper when I see his photo. 


Once, when I was having a delightful breakfast at a splendid, downtown riverside Hotel, Kevin Rudd was at the table beside mine. The man who wants to be Prime Minster had abominable manners. He treated his companion with contempt and was downright nasty to the wait staff. He was loud. He disregarded the fact there were other patons in the establishment. He was demanding, snapped his fingers and said ‘hey you’ when he wanted attention. He made sure everyone knew how important he thought he was.  

The part of me that speaks for the little guy wanted to rise up and smite him–or at least dump my plate of poached eggs and toast over his rude head and tell him he needed to learn some freakin’ manners. 
At the time, I recognised him from the guest spots he did on the AM TV news shows (that should have been my warning), but as a few years passed  and he rose up through politics, I’ve shuddered because I’ve never forgotten his demeanor.

Shrinky tells me I should give him another chance. It’s odd that I don’t want to. It’s odd that breakfast experience left such an impression on me. If Rudd had been horrid to me, personally, I could give him another go, but because his ire was spread so thickly, from companion to hotel staff, I can’t bring myself to believe he was just having a bad day and offer him a fresh start.

I’m not likely to dine in the same place with him again. That only happens at my local cafe, which happens to be Petey Beattie’s local cafe. I can assure you. regardless of what you think of his politics, Peter Beattie is never, ever rude, belitting or nasty.

Kevin Rudd Prime Minster material? 
But he makes a fine Prima Donna.

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