Pulped fiction?

It costs $6.99 to buy a paperback book in the USA.  Let’s just call that $7.  The same book will run $10 in Canada. I understand the cost of transportation has to be worked in to the publisher’s bottom line, but I just don’t get why, once that books makes it way here, the price jumps to $18-20. 

Anyone know why?

How much of that increased price does the author see? 2%. Or less.

A used book isn’t much cheaper, and it’s easy to see why, since the outlay is so expensive to begin with. But what really astounds me is the fact my local library won’t take donations. 


There is ONE copy of a novel that is shared between all the local council libraries. AIIIIEEEEE!

Let’s talk about pulping books.  What are they recycled into? More books that cost $20? Books with covers so bad they don’t sell so they books are re-pulped?

By the way, the Big Lifeline Book sale is the weekend!!

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