Picking seeds from a multigrain Bitch Roll

Hands up: How many people know about Victoria Beckham’s TV special? It’s been on every news channel, broadcast on radio, hyped in the newspaper. Basically it’s been rammed down our throat like a bulimic’s toothbrush.

Ok Hands up again: How many people know there was an earthquake in Japan–one that damaged a nuclear power plant?

Our minds are being poisoned by pseudocelebrity, infotainment, pharamceutical companies, and publishing houses churning out drivel like US Weekly, and multi-national movie corporations producing a never-ending string of sequels  There’s a sameness to it all. Crime shows, Reality shows, Game shows–nothing is different. Jump on the bandwagon because if one works another just like it will too! You know more is better. 

The format of each is exactly, or tries to be exactly the same. It’s just a glut of copycats or wannbe copycats. 

FORMULA. It’s in everything.
Does anyone see that sameness promotes a culture of fear, a fear of change, a fear of difference, of innovation? All in the name of big bucks.

It is as if we have become incapable of thinking for ourselves. We need to be told and sold what is newsworthy or entertaining. And so we stagnate instead of blossom. Nothing can stand on it’s own. It has to fit into an identical cookie cutter to make money money money…

If it ain’t broke why fix it? We’re told there’s no need to change or pick up something new if the status quo works, if the status quo brings in the spondoolies. So the new Next Big Thing is the same Next Big Thing as last time, only with a better boob job, or a unattractive funny guy, or a terrorist that only Jack Bauer can kill and the cast of CSI can find.

So why do we buy it?

Because that’s all there is. 

Am I the only one out there hungry for something new? For something honest?  For something different and maybe a little real (not ‘reality’)?

Guess what? There is something new! Crumpets have changed. You can now get crumpet toast. Finally, an innovative new idea!

Food–the one, the only, the original.

Until it gets promoted on its own 2 hour prime time TV special and has a six page spread in Vogue and Time.

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