I shed a mascara laden tear for her

She was parodied and vilified. She was used as a model for countless big- haired Televangalist wives. He husband was a cheating, dishonest, turd who favoured sweaters, but that was his shame not hers. Yes, she always looked ridiculous. Outwardly, that is. But there was something about the woman that could not be denied. 

Tammy Faye was a survivor. 

Regardless of that clown of an ex-husband, and the circus pancake make up she’ll be remembered for best, let’s not forget Tammy Faye showed strength in adversity. She held fast to her beliefs and continued to use that Maybelline Fresh Lash to her advantage. Yes, Tammy Faye was a woman always true to herself. She knew the meaning of the words hope, faith, and cojones.  

That’s something we can all learn from. If you saw her last interview, you might just agree. 

Maybe she was a walking cartoon, but at least she made the world a more colourful place for a while. I applaude that.

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