Live Free or Die waiting

Finally. At  last. It my wait is over. Live Free or Die Hard opens here tomorrow. A month later. With a different title. Die Hard 4.0


What’s with the name change? Are we Antipodeans too thick to understand the subtlely of  LIve Free Or Die Hard

Bill Bryson’s book about Oz was title Down Under here. In the USA it was I Love a Sunburnt Country. Why? I doubt Yanks got that poem reference. Down Under sort of said it all.  

Sequels need better titles. Just don’t stick a number after it (a big blah to you, Spiderman 3!) Hey, marketers, give us some credit. There was The Thin Man and the sequel After The Thin Man, Batman and Batman Returns. We understood we were seeing a sequel without that number.

Imagine if songs titles were numbered. How many would the Beatles have in their book?  

I wanns know why. Somebody give me a real reason.

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