Chokin’ down a lump o’ bitching

Rachel Gibson’s Tangled Up In You has been released in Paperback here–2 weeks after as was released in hardback in the US. Big Dub-ya had it for $6.95! 

You’d think I’d be happy, but I’m miffed

Why? It was what Iasked for! I moaned and groaned about it. It was my dream to not shell out a squillion dollars on a serious book habit. 

Oh, my, yes, it’s a freakin’ habit. When you like an author it’s an automatic buy.  The second you find out a new book is coming out, excitement takes over. That automatic thing kicks in. Rational thought slips into the gutter, or is burned up in by the sun’s rays. The same thing happens with anything Glenn Tilbrook related, but books are easier to acquire. It is a habit without track marks, methamphetamines, alcohol, or powdery white stuff.

As a result of all my habit and bitching about the prohibitive cost of books in Oz, I pre-ordered Tangled Up In You from Amazon–in hardback. I spent $15 for the new release, plus shipping…I sent it to family to forward on to me so I’d pay less for international postage. I’ve been waiting for it to arrive. And waiting. 

And waiting.

Consequently, because I am a product of the want it yesterday generation, the paperback sit on my desk, wating for me to read it. It’s not the chick in the red coat and black dress cover that Avon’s published, it’s the pretty, trailing blue ivy Little Black Dress imprint.  LBD does nice covers for Rachel Gibson. They are never cheesy pink things with shoes or swooning, half dressed maidens. Besides that, they charge the consumer 1/4 the price as Avon (no, not the ding-dong I have perfume and make up for you Avon, the other Avon, the Romance imprint of Harper Collins).  

On would think, if LBD can put out books for under $10, maybe other competiting publishers will take notice. 

That might have been the most amusing thing you’ve heard all day. But this is funnier: Publishing companies know I’m a sucker! 

I should just cut out the middle-man and hand over my wallet, credit cards, and bank details directly to the publisher!

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