Who owns this?

Recently, Katydidinoz did a whole blog about blogging, which led me to wonder about something. If you post something on LJ who owns the copyright? 

For example, I post an entire chapter of my novel in progress on Oldbitey. Do I maintain copyright on that chapter or does it become some public domain thing because I’ve posted it on a site open to the public? I know websites are a different kettle of clams, but howzabout this blogbaby? How much and how far does my right over my blog go? If I say Bob Dylan wets his pants (which I’m not actually suggesting is true because I’m sure Bob has very good bladder control) could I get sued for saying such a thing? 

Maybe I just need to post it with my name and copyright symbol. Oldbitey©
There. I’ve copyrighted myself.

Here’s something else I want to know and man this chaps my hide. 
Who the hell came up with the term Matron Lit? Are women over 40 in an all female prison or something? 

I suppose it could be worse. It could be called Dowager Lit, or Hag Lit, or Dried Up Useless Bitch Lit. 

Now there’s a subgenre worth crowing about!

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