Creative typos

As I sat in my secret lair, being madly creative by writing the next big thing that’s going to start a bidding war, it occured to me I have been rather neglectful of a few things. Let me list them from you:

1. Creativity can suck the breath from one’s social life;
2. Creativity can take up valuable grocery shopping time;
3. Creativity can mean long outages occur on LJ:
4. Creativity can cause one to forget one’s manners;
5. Creativity can make one to forget to eat lunch and dinner;

Therefore, I’m trying to kill several large flightless birds with this stone.

While I never miss breakfast, restocking the fridge and my tummy is something I have to do on my own–mmm peanut butter and jam on crackers!

I offer this shout out  big ol’ hello to you all out there in blogland!

In addition to that, I must make a public thanks to the Perfect Ms Anne Gracie, amazing author, even more amazing teacher! Buy her books. Swallow them whole and wait for the starlight and moonbeams to radiate out into your life. Lucky me to have had her teach a master class I was blessed enough to be in. I am not a fan of Regency Romance, but this woman can hold my attention, and make me turn the page, and make me want to read another one of her books. Which I have. And that’s something I fogot to tell Katie Sue.

Ok. Ok., I know all that makes me seem like a suck up. I’m sorry. I was impressed.

Meanwhile, I’ve broken 80,000 non-sucking words, which has me wondering if I can do this NaNoWriMo thing with Katie-Sue.  Can I write 50,000 word in a month? It’s taken me 8 months to hit 80K, but that’s not writing every day. 

How does one write with responsibilities like Shrinky Dink and a job? How does the mother of an infant find time to write?  Ihave no clue. Childless me has had 2 weeks off. Out of that time, I’ve spent five full days writing, and that’s mainly because Shrinky’s been away at a conference doing Shrink stuff. My next writing frenzy opportunity will come at the end of November, when he’s trekking through Nepal.

Oooh Glenn Tilbrook is trekking through Nepal. Could it be possible GT an my SD meet up somewhere on their hike?

This entry brought to you by a break between Chapters 16 & 17. 

And look at that. It’s nearly bedtime!

2 thoughts on “Creative typos

  1. I was house-sitting 2 teenagers last November, and I came out of it okay 🙂 The trick is to not read anything you’ve written, just keep writing. Then you can have a month’s worth of editing later on!

    I’m listening to one of the CDs you burned for me for the loooong drive down! I’ve rediscovered it and have it on constant replay. So I say thank you for the music, the song I’m singing. Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing!

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