Size doesn’t matter

Katie-Sue is worried about padding her NaNo to make word. I’m worried about cutting mine. 

I’ve got 90K words and what seems like another 20K still in my head. All I’ve been hearing lately is less is more. Lower that word count. Publishers will like it if you stay under 100K. I don’t know if any of this is true. All I know is I have a story to tell…which means I’ve got that last 20K left to pound out to round out the story.

I’ve decided to do NaNo lite. I’ve got the sucker nearly done. I just need that push to get a first draft completely done by the end of the month. Doing a shadow NaNo may just tie it up for me. Then I can spend December rounding out my research and get down to the actual thesis writing.  I might even dig out the Christmas tree and clean out the wardrobe!

Meanwhile I’ve been plagued by spiders today. In the car. On the car. On me. They’ve all been different sizes, but they’ve all been…icky in the way only spiders are. 

So here I am. worried about the size of my MS and size of the spider crawling up the frickin’ wall just behind my flat screen monitor. Which one do you truly think wigs me out more?

As I pick up my shoe, Freddy Mercury sings in the song below: Hit me.

One thought on “Size doesn’t matter

  1. you’ve joined the madness!

    Sort of 🙂 but like you said, it’s a great way to push through to the end of something. Just write and don’t stop.

    also, spiders totally suck.

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