Full brains

 Going against the spirit of disgorging it NaNo style, instead of writing, I chopped 1300 words, all in one axing poke of the delete button. Of course I saved what I cut. 

So why’d I cut?

I perused the most recent updates for submissions for St Martin’s Press. They publish Rom Com. They are looking for more, they are open for queries right now but yet they want 80-90K. 

Cue Oldbitey.

Cutting 1300 words isn’t going to put me there. I’ll still be over, but not by much…I hope. The scene, a bathroom semi-boink scene was padding. Padding, like a lot of those bras out there now, does not give the story more lift. Sure, sometimes pading smooths and masks imperfections, but in my case it was not necessary to the story that remains and there was no real transition from that scene to the action.

Plus trying to figure out how I was going to moved from there to what happened next was making my head hurt. 

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