A spooky little girl like Sue

Normally, I’d be  thinking litigation. I’d stomp around the house saying “Katie-Sue stole my idea. She stole from me and posted it on her LJ!”  Mind you I didn’t see this  because I’ve been too off my brain to notice, but a little dose of sunshine has revitalized me to notice beyond the LJ news is the item where she states her larceny). However, It’s not exactly larceny or grand theft.

It’s a playlist. Her character’s action of creating a playlist made it it into her current MS. 

Well so did mine.

All hail The Police and Synchronicity.

What it comes down to is how nothing is truly original. Ideas get reborn and resold, the same story is told over and over (hello Cinderella), but I’m not going to be all philosphical and get into the commonality of the human experience.  It’s enough to say we’re companions of the bosom, we like to read and have vast musical tastes we discuss, so it only seems logical for our brainwaves to cross at some point, for us to think alike.

Our playlists are different. Hers was about moody blues and pulling oneself up by the bootstraps. Mine was about the ridiculous headspace you find yourself in while you fall in love and can’t seem to think about anything but how good that ass looks. Your life suddenly goes into Gary Wright’s My Love is Alive mode and good sense fades. 

No. I’m not posting my playlist or playlist scenes (unless you really want me to). Go read Katie Sue’s.

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