Hormones: Not just for women anymore

Ahhh, dinner at the a local Brissy establishment that serves a really big piece o’ dead cow cooked to order and the worst cole slaw I’ve even eaten!  During my interlude with a baked potato (the only edible choice for a vegetarian), strapping meater He-man to my left tossed out this bit of gristle about his wife, “Jesus, women and hormones. It’s like you birds all go someplace off the planet.

I countered with, “(sigh) I know, it’s like when testosterone makes you think with your dick, isn’t it?”

After his initial shock (he’s known me 12 years and still thinks I’m this sweet little cudldy thing) the laughter died down and the conversation got serious. It dissolved into the human body and hormones we all have. These were educated people, we’re talkin’ PhDs, but a few of them were stunned to realise testosterone is a hormone

Let’s just say every man at that table now thinks differently about a menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, erectile disfunction, ear hair, and sleep distrubances.

And then I thought…gee, fodder for another novel!

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