Calling Joe & Frank!

It’s a mystery to me. How does one write with a deadline looming?  I don’t mean a paper or a assignment. I’m talking manuscript. Being creative is tricky. There are good days, days where you need to go shopping for toilet paper, days where you have every intention of getting down to business, but so and so rings and suddenly you’re smack in the middle of socialising with them and Shrinky Dink when you thought you were going to be writing. 

Oh, all right, this is a self-imposed deadline. I wanted to get A Basic Renovation done by the end of my summer vacation but real life got in my way.

I’m curious. How did Elizabeth Hoyt do it, with kids no less? How did she write The Serpent Prince, The Leopard Prince and The Raven Prince while being a mom, wife and whatever else she is?  Oooh, I hear you say, “It’s all about the balance.”

Well, I’m diggin’ you on that. It is about balance and right now I’m tipped a little more on one side than the other. 

Mind you, I’m not stressed and grumpy isn’t exactly the right word either, although I am a little on edge. Frustrated fits better. I’m bursting with creative goodness that can’t quite bust out of the confines of my Donna Reed apron and this 9 to 5 sort of deal that combines with a social life. Consequently, my mind isn’t all there where it should be. I’m not exactly listening when I should. I  know I “have to” be normal and in touch with real life and real people, but I swear this is like unsatifying sex. You’re almost there…almostalmost and the frickin’ phone rings…

So why the hell am I doing here on LJ when I could be writing the last bits of A Basic Renovation?

Because this is foreplay. I’m still writing something. In essence, LJ is KY for creative writing!

Now for you three people who asked me why I neglected the blog…Get fucked. And since you’re all writers too, you know I mean that in the nicest possible way.

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