News that’s fit to Bite

One hundred and twenty-seven thousand words.

Yes, that’s a big one. I’ll need to do some editing. Huge editing. However, the fact remains I have a completed a draft of A Basic Renovation. It took me nearly a year.  Now, if I add up the real-time I spent on actual writing and exclude housework, employment that brings home pocket money, masters research, futzing around on facebook, emailing Katie-Sue, chatting with RR, JJ, & Kergillian, Starbuckin’ with Swellanor, book store crawling, reading other novels, grocery shopping, meeting the Bud-man’s peanut butter needs, critiquing, meeting crit partners, attending uni, doing uni assignments, and taking care of a 43 year old big boy, I can say I spent under six months on it.

I know his because I decided, since this is part of the master’s project, to make note of every day I wrote, even when I spent 20 min tapping on the keyboard. And it may come as a shock to some of you to know I did the math. Mr Johnson would be so proud. 

Of course, I used a caluclator to check my work, but don’t tell him.

It breaks down like this: I began work on Feb 12, 2007. I wrote mostly on Mondays and Thursdays, with the occasional Saturday, or other weekday, a fews days during the Easter, June & September holidays, and a solid week when Shrinky Dink was off trekking in December.  Then, I had from mid-Jan 2008 (what was left of my school holiday) to last Friday, 8 Feb 2008, to try and power through to the end. I could say I nearly made it to that full one year anniversary date, but the reality is, it was not quite five months of writing. It merely was 147 days.

I’m very tired now.

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