Heavenly Crunch part deux

What a lovely Valentine! Awww, you’re all so sweet to think of me. You truly are. It’s a lovely, lovely thing to be considered. I blush. I go all warm and tingly.
Screaming Banshee Says "Thank You" ecard from Hallmark Ecards
You deserve a box of Snyders of Hanover Sourdough pretzels all your own–or a nice bunch of flowers from the Hallmark Screaming Banshee! 

I should explain that that $86 shipping fee for Pretzel Nirvana was postage and handling from the Manufacturer. That being the case, if KHWP wanted to blow $2.79 on a bag or box of little delights I’d say, hot damn! 

Then I’d say wait.

Here’s here’s the sucky part. Like an Agent and the Publisher want a wedge of the author’s pie, the US PO wants in on the international shipping cash bovine. They only allow boxes of a certain size through their system now. Surface mail no longer exists. For a standard fee of $33.75, you can cram as much as possible into a 16x12x4 box (slightly larger than a shirt box). Whatever doesn’t fit, well you have to go to the next sized box, which is another $15 more. 

Right.  Cal Q Layter says, the 3 un-boxed bags of pretzels, $8.37 worth of them, plus $33.75 shipping = $42.12. 

So, you sweet thoughtful, lovely people, save your money. Save your money and buy my book–when it comes out–because then I’ll be able to afford $86 on my own junk food and you can see your name on the acknowledgements page.

One thought on “Heavenly Crunch part deux

  1. Brezeln

    Can you believe I had a box in my hand last night?? I was bumming through Target and thought, what about these!??
    I put them back, though. Thought I’d check out shipping costs first. Once I’d see how costly it’d be to ship, I’d end up eating them myself and then get a case of the guilts, because I’d be enjoying your pleasure…

    SEP said, “those are soooo gooooddd……” ummm hmmmm…

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