Vanity thy name is Oldbitey

I’ve become vain enough to Google myself. 

If you’ve never tired this, I highly recommend it.You can find out who shares your name–or who’s sullied it. Shrinky, Ronald Reagan’s fave secret service agent, and a murderer in CT share the same names with a dentist in Ann Arbor MI. I bet they all hate that murderer.

Currently, Oldbitey has been linked with Glenn Tilbrook, which of course thrills the size fives off me. There’s the Oldbitey radio station on Yahoo too, which plays…you guessed it,  Glenn Tilbrook and Squeeze (plus Luce, Collective Soul, the Kaiser Chiefs, Earl Greyhound and more).  I get a wave on Anne Stuart’s site, just cuz I left a comment. Then I show up an AAR.  One day, soon I hope, I’ll show up on AAR as an author nt just someone who reads posts and checks out the All About Romance site for masters research and Katie-Sue related articles.

Now then, since Glenn has been web-linked with me, I should state I’ve hijacked his good name for the sake of fiction. His surname, along with all you good folk out there in Oldbitey Land, the ones who read, the ones who have supplied Snyders of Hanover Sourdough pretzels, and those of you who appreciate my innate dorkiness, will appear in the acknowledgements page of ABR when it is published.

And once published happens, Oldbitey will appear on Google for reasons other than blog and muscial tastes. 

Jenny Crusie has Arrgh Ink. I’ll have Oldbitey.

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