Ode to Procrastination

 I have been up since 6. Shrinky is off on a ride. My morning was quiet and ripe for writing. However I’ve spent my time:

1)  dicking around on Facebook;
2)  contemplating whether I should take myself out for breakfast;
3)  dicking around on Facebook;
4)  reading the lame joke my father sent me;
5)  impressing myself that I know how to use semi-colons;
6)  dicking around on Facebook;
7)  dicking around on the Oldbitey LJ;
8)  thinking I really should get down to the laundry room to dump in a load of whites and run the dryer;
9)  dicking around on Facebook;
10) coming up with a list of things that kept me from being thesisly productive.

So,  I have embraced my Laz-i-osity I have accepted the fact I will not be a good little student. The responsiblity I shirk is mine, it is MINE to shirk, and let me tell you I am putting in an award-winning shirkformance. You all should bow down before me in awe at my shirklinessitude.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to answer a post on my Facebook Fun Wall.

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