You love me. You really love me.

Oh this day is truly glorious.

I came home to find three pounds of heaven waiting on my doorstep. JJC sent me sourdough nirvana. I have Snyders of Hanover hard pretzels. I feel special. I feel loved. 

I feel secretive and have taken pains to hide the wonderful 100 calorie treats. 

All hail JJC. All hail her divine thoughtfulness and enduring friendship. I’m all misty now.

I have to take this as a sign. I have no choice but to believe fate will smile upon me when I send out my query letters. Someday very soon I’ll be offered a publishing contract. And when that not so far off day arrives, it will pretzels for all of you (except Swell who will receive a Starbucks’ treat)!

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