Mac vs PC

Oh boy, I’m back and wired for everything that is Mac. The PC is officially dead. It died today and that’s just lucky I finally got this here new toy. While I love my new Mac, I am a little taken aback by some of the missing features. For some reason I’ve lost my ability to format this here LJ. Maybe they’ll magically appear…in lovely oldbitey brown .

 Anyhow, I’ll work that out in time. What perplexes me most is the fact I can’t associate sounds with actions. No more ” You’re stewed buttwad,” when I toss something in the trash, no Patrick Stewart saying “Make it so,” when I print. I console myself with a pretzel.

Meanwhile, for those of you on the academic trail (How’s the data, JD?), you’ll be happy to know I started my thesis today. Yup. I wrote an ENTIRE paragraph. Spooky, huh? I know you’re just all a-tingle with that news, just like I am.

I need more pretzels.

Update: I figured out how to get my brown back.

One thought on “Mac vs PC

  1. MacTherapy is good… You will get used to stuff soon.
    Data collection is officially closed… and there is nothing better to crunch numbers on a Friday night…

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