God Bless the Glen with one n!

I need to thank Hans Gruber’s double for remembering my love for the the humble sourdough pretzel. It is a surprise and one I don’t deserve.  Glen Thomas is not not just A Dude Who Knows the academic side of the Romance genre,  the author of scholarly articles, and Anne Stuart’s favourite professor, he’s good to his students too!

Sometime soon this little Oldbitey is going to let him down. He’ll discover I’m a fraud and laugh at my sham academic submission. I’ll rain shame down upon his department and any future pretzel deliveries will disappear as I’m shunned by university smarties in their pretty robes…

And a sidebar to Swellanor: My soapbox was a little wobbly yesterday, but I think I shouted loudly enough. No one one but you noticed. You rock, Swell.

One thought on “God Bless the Glen with one n!

  1. Hans Gruber

    Yay for Pretzels! Yay for Bruce Willis Films! Yay for Hans Gruber and Hans Gruber Doppleganger! Yay for all!!!

    You rock Sandra! Totally! I bless you with a Thousand Days of Pretzels!




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