Code in by doze.

For the record, let me state I don’t mean to be disgusting. I’m curious and this is a scientific question I really want to understand.  I know what it is, but where exactly does mucus come from? Why is there so much of it and what makes it congest one’s sinus cavity to such an extent  sound is muffled and food loses flavour?

More importantly, why has it taken up residence in my head?

I was on such a roll yesterday. I have too much to do to deal with a nasty sinus infection. Beyond my June Cleaver duties, I was in zone of perfect academic creativity. The thesis started coming together. It has a shape now. I saw the glimmer of light at the end.  And today, my eyes are the size of slivered almonds, I sit here and stare at the screen and try to be a brilliant scholar because I know I need to focus.

Yet all I really want to know is, why my head feels like it’s expanded to the size of Canada–with Alaska included in the land mass.

Perhaps I could include this in my performance-based research outcomes?  I could mention the impact a case of sinusitits has on my creativity as well as how come I have put fresh sheets on the bed, or hung up the washing, or put away the clean dishes, or scrubbed the toilet?

Damn speed cookers and meth users. You had to spoil it all for us types who turn to pseudoephedrine for our cold and sinus headaches. It’s all your fault I’m slacking off on scholarly activities and home duties today in favour of reading about snot on wikipedia.

3 thoughts on “Code in by doze.

  1. Schnupfen

    That just sucks, or is it blows?? I’m sorry you’re ill. If I weren’t thousands of miles away, I’d make you suppe and ply you with Vapo-rub. Ahh.. Vicks… Put it right under your nostrils and voila, it clears the aching head. I ate S of H SD pretzels with you (in spirit) last night. They were full of crumbly goodness.


  2. Mucus-land

    I’m so sorry you’ve got “The Mucus”. Ids tewibble!
    We hates it!
    Get better quickly .. Bucking waits!


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