Clever Yet Insulting!

Women over thirty-five, our days are numbered….

Forgive me. We authors are  self-indulgent, perfectionistic bunch who don’t always know when enough is enough. I mean that. Really. Whether it be editing the thesis over and over, or munching my way down to the bottom of the jumbo-super-mega sized popcorn box I bought because the over-huge drink and snack deal is cheaper than the sensible small popcorn and small drink that was once large (for all you non-Grups, and GenYers, this was back before the dawn of the 44oz cup and Big Gulp at 7-11), I don’t know when to cease.

Don’t believe it?

Allow me to climb up on this stolen plastic milk crate.

First off, let me alert you that I may spoil something.  If you have not seen the new version of Get Smart, look away…now.

Why did the makers of Get Smart NOT use a more age appropriate actress rather than Anne Hathaway (who I am sure is just the lovliest person)? Why not go with Maria Bello or Catherine Keener?  Why Anne Hathaway?

Well guess what? Clearly, I wasn’t the only one who thought this was an issue.  There I am, sharing my ultra-super-mega-jumbo popcorn with Shrinky watching Max (Steve Carrell) and  99 (Anne Hathaway, who I am sure is just the loveliest person) discuss exactly what  was curious about.  Max, having been with Control for years, is forty-something. He expects 99 to be about the same age.  The conversation reveals she is the same age as Max. 99 has had plastic surgery to change her face and protect her position within Control, While the doctors were busy reconstructing her face, she had them knock off a few years.

Clever way to explain the casting choice? You betcha.
A cop out?
Damn right.

Anne Hathaway (who, I am sure is just the loveliest person) was appealing, but come on, it’s as if  every actress over over 39 has been awarded a Hag Diploma, a slap on the ass and then taken outside to put her out of her misery.

Here’s a list of women who could have had the role–without the plastic surgery bullshit: Catherine Keener, Diane Lane, Maria Bello.

This isn’t about perfect casting. It’s about being truthful. It’s about knowing when to say enough.

Well, once again, I’ve had enough. That’s why I’m up here on this milk crate.

And I’m not about to get down anytime soon.

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  1. Kaos

    You don’t realize that the plastic surgery is actually a Kaos cover-up and that 99 isn’t who she appears to be…. Mu hahahahaha….
    (You know who this is by the laugh right ;-)…

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