Tossing Wankers Out of Writing.

Yes, it’s a cheap title, but I’m looking to grab your attention, not referring to the act of wanking.

Well, not exactly.

Actually, I’m bitching about the wankery way some writers have of discussing writing. You know, the pretentious snots who discusses the craft as if telling a story is a piece of art befitting a place in the Louvre. 

And I’m ragging on the Literati who look down their noses at anything that sells. 

I’m also rolling my eyes at Author groupies who think that one author’s suggestions on how to write is THE ONLY way.

And grinding my teeth over the ones who are so inflexible and adhere so ridgidly to a set of unwritten rules within a specific genre without understanding that storytelling, like language, is a living breathing thing that changes over time.

As Darwin says, it’s not the strongest of the species that survives, just the most adaptable, the ones most responsive to change.

Not the ones who wank the most.

2 thoughts on “Tossing Wankers Out of Writing.

  1. Oh, and if I had to choose to be either a wanker or a tosser, I’m not sure which I’d rather be…Maybe a tosser?? don’t know!!

  2. wow… something really got you riled up! You’re sassy!!
    Look at writing like eating. Some people don’t allow anything on their plate to touch anything else. Some don’t eat any food that is orange. (long story) Some eat all of one thing then move onto another thing on their plate. Some have to mix their corn in with their mashed potatoes (me!!) so everyone is different. Authors have different styles and it’s clearly obvious that some are more readable than others!! I can’t wait to read your books! Are they like corn mixed in with mashed taters??

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