Full of smug self-satisfaction

The Ten Top Things I Love
About Being A Writer

  1. I can work all day in ultra-dagwear and imagine I look good;
  2. Coffee can be a food group of its own;
  3. When it’s cold outside, it’s warm in my novel;
  4. People think I’m smart because I know how to use a semicolon;
  5. Spending huge amounts of money on books I want to read is called research;
  6. Traveling overseas becomes tax deductible as it too is research;
  7. Its fat-free
  8. Napping is a tool for sorting out pesky plotting issues;
  9. My brain is constantly engaged in a puzzle, which will keep me active into my 90s;
  10. It’s introduced me to some wonderful, wonderful friends.

Now how can I get someone to pay me to do this?

Forget the cheque. I’ll take Snyders of Hanover Sourdough Hard pretzels.

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