Move over Mr Ed, here comes Budman…

No. I do not watch the Olympics.

 I haven’t since Scooby Doo’s All Star Laff Olympics was taken off Saturday morning TV. 

You won’t get me to watch the Olympics until Dog Agility gets to be a sport–like Dressage does.

You’d be right to assume I just don’t get it. I don’t see how controlling a horse is that much different than getting your dog to run though an obstacle course. Sure horses do this, they jump over ditches and gallop like the wind, but have YOU ever tried to get a horse to run though a bendy tube? Or run up and down a see-saw?  Or chase a squeaky toy under a sofa?

I’m not bagging all of the Equestrian events. Really, I’m not. The Cross Country and gallop-to-jumping over a dtich is a skill that marries horse and rider, but DRESSAGE? It’s Horse obedience. Budman has a diploma in Obedience. 

Budman GRADUATED from Canine Obedience.

Can Olympic horses say that?

Well, no. They just whinny and tap their hoof as they count to four.  Budman, who can play dead, roll over, dance, sit, stay, wait for his food, AND pee on command deserves a freakin’ GOLD medal.

And of course this argument is going to appear somewhere in my Work In Progress. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, Budman and I have to work on learning to open the door with his paws.

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