Behold my mighty pen!

I kicked me some major thesis ass yesterday.
Yes. It’s true. I even impressed myself.

All hail my mighty p-u-b-i-c speaking skills!

Ok. Ok. It’s not like I’m going to headline an act at Vegas, go on a book tour, or sign copies of my latest interview with the New York Times Book Review. First of all, I’m not highbrow enough to rate the NYTBR (well, I’m not even published yet) and I lack a play list of hits to cover.

I’m livin’ the dream. And now you all know why.

My Glenn Tilbrook experience and now this bout of non-sucking-ultimate-ass-cracking-gloat-worthy thesis presenting, it follows that very soon I’ll be making my $86 in publishing royalties. I’ll be swimming in Snyders of Hanover Sourdough Hard Pretzels. I’ll be published, Have a book on the shelf in Borders, a used copy available for sale on Amazon, and a contract with both a publishing house AND Snyders of Hanover as their Sourdough Spokesperson:

Snyders of Hanover Sourdough Hard Pretzels:
The Quintessential Snack for Creative Types--like me!

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