And now, a word from Godspell.

All Good Gifts around us…Come from Swellanor downtown! 
Not only does she read my manuscripts and give me amazing feedback, she’s hooked me up.
Swell’s my new dealer.

In pretzels.

Life is indeed blessed.

I am indeed blessed. So I’m one of those people who tries hard to focus on the positives, no matter how small. So, I’m thinking today, after getting hooked up to a pretzel supplier, that letter From St Martin’s Press will arrive. They’ll say Yes, send us your manuscript. And a short time after that, they’ll tell me I’ve got a contract.

Then I’ll really got nuts. I’ll order SIX boxes of pretzels and a case of Barq’s root Beer as well as Diet Dr Pepper. And I won’t be stingy. I’ll share my blessings. I’ll bestow Swell with her very own box of DP.

All good gifts…
And pretzels.

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