Gushing like Niagara Falls

In a week full of viral fatigue that’s kept me in bed, I have had some excitement.
No. Not a publishing deal. Not an offer of agency representation. Not even  a lifetime supply of Snyder of Hanover Sourdough Hard Pretzels (one day all this free advertising might just net me some free pretzel gold!). 

But it is something very, very exciting to Oldbitey!

I warn all of you out there. Look away if you can’t abide my total, all-eclipsing dorkitude and continuing groupiedom.

Ahem, My friend KHWP, in Cleveland, just saw a newly-reunited Squeeze over the weekend, just before Glenn Tilbrook’s birthday. When she spoke to Glenn (she’s a fellow dork like me) he remembered singing Genitalia of a Fool with me back in April 2007. KHWP said he got all smiley and excited. And he remembered her too, he knew the whole story of how it all came to be.  She’s the reason why I got to sing with him because she asked him to autograph the twenty-year old picture that invited me to sing with him the next time he was in this town.

So, fatigued or not, I’ve got a big dorky smile on my face.

Years ago, when JJC and I attended a show in Cincinnati, Glenn remembered me because I was “the girl who burnt her arse on a metal chair during the sound check at last week’s outdoor show in Chicago.”  Yes, that’s surely a moment that would be burned into anyone’s memory.

But this. This is so much better. 

One thought on “Gushing like Niagara Falls

  1. Glenn, Come to Cleeevvveeelllaaannnndddd….

    He came and it was good….
    Now if we could just get Sting to come to Greece!!

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