Outing The Fakers At likeappleeveblogspot.com!!!

No one is safe. All of you out there are at risk. 

Don’t believe me?  Well check this out:  http://likeappleeven.blogspot.com/2008/09/lyrics-rime.html

Pop that in your browser and see what comes up.  

Yup. I’ve been pirated. I’ve been plagiarized before even being published in book form. Oldbitey appears on another blogger’s site. So too, have  many other unsuspecting souls out there in Blogland. 

I’ve never felt more important or more creeped out. And that writing you see there on the pink site on the likeappleevenblogspot on BLOGGER? That’s Russian, people.  Can you say "Russian Mafia" or "state secrets and spy messages being passed over the net?"  Hello! Shrinky watches America’s Toughest Prisons. It could be some kind of code, some kind of plan that’s hiding out there in plain sight.

I hear you saying, "Feeling a little paranoid conspiracy there, Oldbitey?"

Well, no, not exactly. I’m chagrinned because it’s really, really bad manners and a complete lack of creativity. Naughty, bad likeappeleevenblogspot thieves! However, there are elements of it that make me think there’s a kernel of a really great thriller in there somewhere. 

Well, there is! 
So you’re warned. There’s very little that can be done once you’re copied and passed off on some imagainationless nitwit’s blog. 

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