Faker: The Ongoing Saga.

 Another Blog at Blogger has purloined my text.

There’s a ripped off from Oldbitey entry about Oldbitey’s ripped off entry appearing–with more Russian–at:

You look and see. Go ahead. Prove that I’m not paranoid.

Wanna bet this entry gets sucked and posted onto one of those faker’s sites too?  Shall we wait together and see where it goes?

It’s a mystery…All this stealing could come from this LJ site directly. There are so few fans of Oldbitey out there my guess is the posts might have been lifted from the Oldbitey link to Facebook. I can pretend this is something worthy of investigation by say, oh the Bobbsey Twins, or Encyclopedia Brown, but to be honest, I love puzzling things. I’m really curious to figure this out. 

I contacted Blogger to let them know of the rampant thievery. I’m supposed to file a formal Terms of Service and DMCA complaint with Google–that’s a fancy copyright infringement doo-hicky. And yes. Oh, yes, there will be paperwork! I am filing.

Ya hear that, ya big fat fakers?

So watch ME get in trouble for pointing out the wrongness by naming names and displaying the links to the fakers.

OK, if you don’t believe me, ya’ll try this, if you write a blog. Google yourself as your Blogname and follow the trail. You’ll come upon all sorts of things.  Check through the links, really look at them,  and see if you too have been posted as an entry on another’s blog. 

Then get back to me.

I may be busy writing a novel based on this experience.

Can’t you see it? Romantic suspense. Using computer-to-man interface, the IT guy at Google, the one working with the blog author whose work is being ripped off by fakers, goes deep inside Blogger and discovers a contract has been issued on the author. She’s set to be "wiped out" because her complaint has uncovered a conspiracy to take over the net. And it’s an email race against time to sort out the copyright case, fall in love, and save her from being spammed to death!

Yeah. It’s a little Jumpin’ Jack Flash meets Tron meets The Net and I’m no Whoopi Goldberg or Sandra Bullock, but I’ll make it work.
And you just watch. This idea will get ripped off too! First it will turn op on some faker’s blog over at Blogger.  You keep your eye out.  Because then it’ll be turned into a shitty TV series starring the Cheerleader from Heroes.

And she’s too damn young to play me.

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