The Whole Shebang

Has the world ended?

Has there been a big bang created in a supercollider deep in the bowels of Switzerland? Oh, man! Have I missed it because I’ve been wearing earphones while listening to Marshall Crenshaw (one of the most under-listened-to, under-appreciated artists of the the 20th & 21st Centuries)? 

If the world as we know it had been sucked into a black hole created by some physicists, would we know it, or would be continue to live life as usual? It makes sense, you know. If the WHOLE universe got sucked (as opposed to the whole universe sucking as some say it does) into another dimension, how could we know? How could we even PROVE it? If the whole Let’s-copy-the-Big-Bang experiment is supposed to last less than a nano-second, if all those photons smash into each other in less than what I believe is called a picosecond, and quantum computers haven’t been built yet to figure all this out, then how the hell would we know we broke through the space time continuum let alone got yanked into a black hole of out own making? 

Would the anti-matter matter? 

Those aboard the Starship Enterprise would work it out lickity-split. This will be analyzed by 10,000 scientists around the globe–providing the mini-versions of "the primeval fireball" made by the Large hadron Collider doesn’t scatter their particles into the 17 mile long tunnel where all this fancy science is happening.

The General Director of the program, a guy named Aymar, says the instant creation of a black hole if just fiction. He should have said Science Fiction because you just know there’s probably someone out there who’s written a Jules Verne type novel that speculates all this and offers an easy to understand explanation. But it ain’t me. I write fiction that doesn’t involve math.

Purely speculating on this end of all we know it stuff, I could go the noble route and say that if we have been (or do get) blown or sucked into another dimension, I hope poverty, wars, and hunger are no longer an issue. But what I really hope for in Dimension X is that "Reality" TV shows no longer exist. 

Meanwhile, I need to get down to writing a synopsis of A Basic Renovation, finish another a chapter of And She Was, and get to work on mapping the Pretzel genome.

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