Doppelganger madness!

There’s been all this oohing and ahhing about Tina Fey’s portrayal of Sarah Palin on SNL. Great. Kudos to you, Tina. You’re a talented writer and actress, but let’s look at something no one’s seemed to have noticed. 

Now you all tell me, does Sarah Palin look like Karen Walker on Will & Grace?  

 Seriously. Look at this woman. 

Is that Karen Walker (actress Megan Mullally) or is Sarah Palin? Dig the hair. Check out the shape of the face. Put glasses on her and then tell me, Is that Sarah Palin?

Originally I had similar thoughts about Hillary Clinton
and Shirley Partridge–you know
Mrs.Partridge from the Partridge Family…   

Can’t you people see it?!!!

Kevin Bacon was on Will & Grace. I bet he noticed. And you know he’s thinking, "well, damn, Oldbitey’s right about Sarah, and Hillary so stole Shirley’s hairstyle!"

Oh Kevin, I’m still waiting to be Friended.



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