A posting that got lost…

really gotta figure out how to use HTML, the collagen of Rich Text. 


Meanwhile, although it’s the last few days of my school vacation time, instead of writing this week, like I had planned, I’m leaning against the wall of Now It’s Not The Time To Write. And no. That’s not writer’s block. I’ve never had that. To me the idea of writers block is a lot like being lost.

I don’t mean lost as in you’ve lost your creativity. I mean lost as in all turned around, with no sense of direction and a billion street signs, all in Russian. I’ve learnt enough Russian where I can make out a few letters, but to me, Lost is a state of mind, one that’s overloaded with choices and potential, LOTS of choices and potential–Hm, what looks like an n might really be a p or p is really r--hence the Russian Street signs.

I have so many ideas, my brain turns into grey matter Tower of Babel. 

So I have to give yourself time to get my bearing, to find my way, to sift through all the ideas. Rather than panic, as so who get lost do, I pause for a while and let all those Russian words to shift back into English.

Then again, this could all just be because yesterday (since this got lost and posted today make that last Thursday)  I drank 2 Dr Peppers, had a bag of potato chips, a Ho-Ho like chocolate treat at Lovely Lisa’s. I’m having (or I had) a junk food hangover.  

And I don’t  think this is the sort of sweetest hangover Diana Ross was talking about.

One thought on “A posting that got lost…

  1. Re: HTML training

    Heya Sandra, We can have an html session like the excel session we had a couple weekends back. No problems.
    And I had to have a DP when I read you’d had two.

    Also, would you like a cat. This one had a deathwish when it comes to curtains.


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