Ode to an Ice Cream Sandwich

Aside from the delights of Snyder’s of Hanover goodness, there are times when I crave something else that’s hard to find.  Oh, several companies have tried. Pauls and Nestle have your maxibons, cookies, and whatnot, but that’s what they are: WHATNOT.

I used to satisfy a few cravings when I went to visit Big and Little Bitey. I’d down onion rings, root beer, Dr Pepper, pumpkin pie and yes, there were even times I gave up my vegetarian ways to have a hot dog and a turkey baloney sandwich on rye. But there’s a really special place in my heart, which you all know is really the way to anyone’s stomach, for a really special sandwich.

An Ice Cream Sandwich.

And those of you who love them, you know what kind I mean. It has a soft chocolate cookie with tiny holes the vanilla ice cream can ooze from, the kind you lick all around the edges and corners so you don’t lose a single drop of ice cream.  

Now I don’t have to wait for a visit to the Elder Biteys.  A company In WA makes proper chocolate cookie ice cream sandwiches. They’re available at Woolies.

I just had one.

And all my Christmases came at once!

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