I signed up to do NaNoWriMo.

And got dropped.

Or rather I was told my information got lost in the big NaNo computer crash that occured on 30 Sept—which is curious considering I registered on October 4th.

So now I’ve been told I need to re-register with a new name–and it can’t be Oldbitey, since that name–and all the details I put in about Oldbitey as well as And She Was are stuck somewhere in the NaNo memory banks and are therefore reserved for Oldbitey. 

Yes. I know. You’re thinking the same thing.  Gee, it seems like all I really need is a new password. Sounds simple, right?

But I can’t access the interred account to change the password to free Oldbitey, I can’t use Oldbitey’s email address because it’s been buried along with Oldbitey’s registration. 

I’m not happy about being entombed without even being dead. Although it is so very Fall of the House of Usher and I’ve always enjoyed Poe, I don’t enjoy this.

Am I having second thoughts about NaNo? Well, yes. You know how it is when you hear about how wonderful something is and your first experience with it is…ahem…disappointing.  It’s like when a friend of yours gushes about a book they just loved. You read it and think it sucks, but you try to find something constructive to say about it, because you love your friend. I may not always be successful in constructive about what I read, but I sort of made it a quest of mine to TRY to look for the goodness in everything…

I liked the NaNo website’s graphics.

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