I’d like a BL-Me

I know all of you are checking in to see if I’ve been Baconed yet, aren’t you?

Well, gosh Buckaroos and Buckarooettes, these things take time.  I for one, am a pretty patient person, but I know, for most of you Oldbitey readers, the suspense is causing much anxiety.  A bit of trichotillomania or onychophagia has set in and you feel compelled to tear out your own hair and chew your nails down to nothing just waiting to see what Kevin does.


Sorry. Loving a dude like Shrinky means I have access to the DSM-IV. I’ll try not to use such big scientific words that make me seem like a steatopygic wanker. 

Anyhow, here I am, sitting on my flat, bony nanobuttocks hard at work on my screenplay/novel–the one that’s going to bring Romantic Comedies back from the brink of pot smoking heroes and whining heroines–trying to figure out a good way for Kevin to make his cameo.

I’m open to suggestions.

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