Fangs A Lot.

She may think it’s a spring cold, but in reality, the ray of sunshine that is Katydidinoz (seen here )
is suffering from the after effects of  a vampire stalking.

I suppose I should apologise for sending the undead after her, but she was feeling blah and needed a little prick-me-up. I couldn’t very well send her a zombie, now could I?

As much as I know she loves a good Zombie (and who doesn’t), I thought a little bloodletting might put her in a better humour— and get rid of any nasty germs that are trying to infect her, because who’s ever heard of a vampire with a cold? With vamps, it’s all about preternatural strength and the ability to regenerate your body.

But perhaps I was wrong.

I know. It’s unbelievable. Me, wrong.  I hear you laughing right along with me.

However, it may just be true.

Since I know she’s actually feeling like a zombie, and I know she’ll appreciate this, I guess it’s only fair I pass along this story from Santa Fe Reporter:

Things to Do In Santa Fe When You’re Undead: Run For Your Life It’s A Zombie Apocolypse!

I hope she likes it.

One day, I hope Katydidinoz and I can collaborate on a romance novel about a Zombie Vampire orthodontist who moonlights as a undertaker. If you’ve got a pie-maker who can bring back the dead on Pushing Daisies, why not a Zombie Vampire orthodontist-undertaker?

Happy Halloweenie, ya’ll!

2 thoughts on “Fangs A Lot.

  1. Aha! The bat fluttering against my bedroom window makes a whole lot more sense now.

    and to think I shooed your precious gift away.

    Forgive me, Bitey!

    Let’s get on that novel, pronto!

    • Know how leeches and maggots have a medicinal use, how they can get rid of gangrene and other flesh eating bacteria? One day the AMA will realise vampires are a valuable tool to fight off infections.

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