A Blither For All Seasons

Simply Having a Wonderful Holly Jolly Jingle Bell Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree
Feliz Navidad

It’s obvious, innit? Seeing as I’ve now completed my MA, I’ve got some time on my hands.  Mind you, I could be using this time to continue writing And She Was, but I’m right into wasting  time now, since I don’t have a deadline hanging over my head. Of course that deadline was all my own making. I put the pressure on myself to finish early. 

The trouble is I’m don’t feel anything, no sense of accomplishment, no thrill, or relief. So, now that I’m affect challenged champion of the MA world what do I do? Well, I take part in a list that I ripped from facebook.

Sixteen insightful tidbits about Oldbitey (like you really wanna know) 
1. Onions are plain evil when you love someone;

2. One day cursing will be an Olympic sport; 

3. Oldbitey will win a gold medal for cussing;

4. Andy Gibb was a huge talent;

5.  Peas are nature’s candy;

6. Root is the only beer worth drinking;

7.  Gadgets and doo-dads aren’t just for boys and/or geeks;

8. In 2009 Oldbitey will be offered a publishing contract and sing again with Glenn Tilbrook.

9. Redheads need to procreate to ensure the hair colour doesn’t die out;

10. Oldbitey enjoyed Twilight far more than an Oldbitey should; 

11. Someone needs to write a vampire novel with an orthodontist as the vampire hero;

12. Its not really Christmas until someone breaks out the Lebkuchen; 

13. Spiders are freaky, but snakes are cool;

14. The concept of instant coffee is an abomination;

15. Christmas time Down Under lacks a Christmasy smell;

16. What do you mean you don’t like A Christmas Story?!

Mele Kalikimaka, ya’ll!

One thought on “A Blither For All Seasons

  1. A Southern Cross Christmas Smell

    Well Bites, I think the best Christmas smell for me is Apricots. Fresh Apricots. I got some yesterday in my veggie drop and IMMEDIATELY i though “Christmas”.
    Mum used to put a couple in each of our Christmas stockings when we were little, so that’s what I associate with Christmas morning.
    But other smells of Christmas are late nights in a hot house cooking fruit mince pies. Bundie Rum, which only comes out at this time to make the Rum balls. Pfeffernuise biscuits.
    As you can see, it’s mostly food smells.

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