Oldbitey’s School of Manners and Good Taste

Aside from the sad fact no one sends thank you cards anymore, is it just Oldbitey, or does anyone else out there take umbrage with dinner guests who show up for dinner 90 minutes late?  

And here’s something else for all you out there. If you’re invited for dinner, it’s customary to NOT eat before you arrive, isn’t it? To eat beforehand sort of defeats the purpose of being invited for a meat-based meal your vegetarian host or hostess took the time to cook especially for vous

Yes, I am aware it could be creeping middle age or some kind of bitching curmudgeon deep inside Oldbitey, but really, this sort of behaviour is, and I think most would agree, rude.

So how do I counter this sort of disregard? Well, I politely shove it down, wayyyy down and do not comment upon it when you (finally) grace my table. I smile at you and serve you dinner close to three hours past the time the freakin’ now dried out chicken is cooked. And when you tell stories about your rude, cheapskate friends who always stiff you with the bill, I chuckle because I know something you don’t.  

I believe in karma.

Truthfully, this doesn’t really bother me. I’m pretty laid back about it all, once I get past the anxiety that the reason you were late was because you died in a horrific accident on your way to my place for your late supper. Honestly, I find it amusing and I’m actually a little thankful because it means I don’t have to cook for the rest of the week. Shrinky gets to eat leftovers until Friday and he loves leftovers!

Besides that, you are going to wind up as characters in something I write. 

And you just know I’ll send you a thank you note when it becomes a bestseller.

3 thoughts on “Oldbitey’s School of Manners and Good Taste

  1. You are gifted

    I love reading your thoughts. I would have just said those %$#@#$% did’t come, F@%# them and I would have eaten without them. When they did show up , Oh well, I work on a nursing schedule.

    Dried out chicken that made me laugh….

    As far as thank you notes, do thank you emails count? I have been using that format bceause many ave a hard time with my penmanship.


  2. Ha ha!

    It’s Anna Campbell here, OB! For some reason, I’ve become anonymous (oh, the tragedy!). Loved your post. I believe in karma too – I just wish karma worked to my timetable. Actually you can call me a curmudgeon too – I think people should say thank you. I think people should at the very least call if they’re going to be late – or preferably not be late at all. Have a great day – with all those leftovers!

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