Let’s All Listen To Gloria Gaynor

Yeah, that’s right, make fun of me. Tease me and shake your head. Tell me all about the odds and then remember things like this do happen from time to time. Planes goes down in the Hudson River. All on board survive.

So tell me again why it’s silly to count the rows between emergency exits or pay attention to the flight attendants little safety spiel. Call me  a paranoid fool for knowing where the exits are in a crowded club. Tell me I’m a nerd for having escape plan if the cinema we’re watching Bride Wars in suddenly bursts into flames. Chastise me for my common sense.

I now have proof that supports my so-called paranoid preparations for doom.  

Go ahead, read it, scoff at it and say, "but Oldbitey, the data shows your odds are one in 60 billion for kicking off in a plane crash."

Yes, that may be true. But I’ll be prepared. When Godzilla attacks, I’ll make it out of Tokyo alive.  And you know you’ll beg me to come save you. And Ok, I will. I’ll come back for you.

But I have a better idea. Pay attention to the article. Read The Action Heroine’s Handbook or  Worst Case Scenario Handbook. Then remember what the song says about first being afraid and petrified…and get up off your ass and go!

I will survive. Will you?

 Or will you end up as a sad example in something I write?

One thought on “Let’s All Listen To Gloria Gaynor

  1. I’m with you girl! Now, I’m not sure if I go as far as having an exit plan for a cinema, but planes, trains & buses – definitely! And I even want to get one of those break glass things that you can use to break your windscreen when you drive into water… hey, it could happen, and with electric windows (nb, electricity & water dont mix) how else are you going to get out? Debs

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