With Thanks To Katie-Sue for Keeping an “Eye” Out!

I wonder who’s been reading Oldbitey? Hmmm?  Maybe Kate Cox of The Age? 

All right, all right. Quit snickering.

Now consider the following article a companion piece to the other day’s posting about anal bleaching.   http://www.theage.com.au/news/lifeandstyle/beauty/belowthebelt-beauty/2009/01/13/1231608666959.html

How many times did you laugh as you read it? How many times did you think Oh, you have got to be joking?

Did you realise there are people out there who actually pay for this? Now how many of your think that vanity money be better spent on say…Botox or collagen injections or something others see on a regular basis? What’s the world coming to when a person spends $150 simoleons on their lightening the inner area of their arse instead donating it to their fellow man?  

Hey, lightass, ever hear of Darfur? 

Now please excuse me. I’ll climb down off my high horse because I think I may need to have my lips done.


One thought on “With Thanks To Katie-Sue for Keeping an “Eye” Out!

  1. hahahahahaha! how about a clitoral-hoodplasty! WTF?? Unless I had a growth the size of a grapefruit growing down there, no doc is going near that area with a scalpel!


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