Jumping Off The Bridge

Don’t ask me why I did it. I can’t tell you much beyond the fact I have a love for technology, especially stuff that’s essentially useless and doesn’t cure famine or bring peace to earth. No iPod is ever gonna bring peace to the Middle East or eradicate Malaria and AIDS, but I sure love mine.

Will I love Twitter?

I suppose the fact that last night was spent doing Author stuff with Swell the wonder Web Designer had something to do with my following others off the Virtual Golden Gate. I can swear my Twitterdom is all in the name of getting MY name out there, of creating buzz before I’m even published, of not wanting this fast paced technological world to pass me by.

Shrinky doesn’t think much of social networking. He says it prevents people from connecting in meaningful ways. Humans are social creatures. We need contact to survive. We need a social support system to survive. To some extent, he has a point, but social networks are a community, albeit not a hands-on community. It’s not likely one of your facebooks friends or Twitter followers is going to run over and bring you a box of Kleenex and chicken soup when you have a cold. Microblogging on Twitter isn’t going to get me a box of Snyders of Hanover Sourdough Pretzels. It hasn’t happened yet here on  Oldbitey (BIG HINT HERE, PEOPLE!!) so why should I expect it to when I tweet?

So what potential uses to I see for Twitter?  I have an idea, one that will create a community of followers, for a while anyway, and yep, you guessed it, it involves writing. All right. I sort of stole the idea from a contest on another author’s website, and a TXT novel written in Japan, but trust me, this is something you can see it play out better on a social network like Twitter in LIVE TIME, which is supposed to be the point. 

So tell us more about the idea you ripped off, Old.

All righty. I see "A romance novel written in tweets."

Yes indeedy-doo, this can go several ways (besides down in flames). I can write it all myself and hope to garner a following, or I can ask YOU and others of the Twitterati to add their tweets to the story.

I’ll get started on it now. You add on by going to what else?  http://twitter.com/Oldbitey

Oh, come on. It could happen, and besides, all your friends are doing it.


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