Oldbitey’s Evil Ways.

Oldbitey neglected to wish BroBitey a happy birthday.

I could blame my forgetfulness on the the recent successful IASPR conference (where I was most impressive fakir extraordinaire) and the whirlwind RWA conference that bookended this past weekend. 

I could even say my inability to acknowledge my only darling and OLDER sibling was on account of Shrinky’s trip and 10 hour stint in the ER, a pretty freaky place at 3am. 

Did you know that most weekend ER cases are alcohol related? Shrinky’s was not, but the 12 gurneys lining the hallway were, and not everyone passed out on the aforementioned gurneys was a youngster. Nosireee Phil.  

Anyhow, back to my pathetic self-recrimination. The sad truth of the matter is that I forgot about my brother.

So here is where I state, on a world-wide forum, that I am a bad sister, a bad aunt, and a bad godparent.  I routinely forget about my nieces, nephews, godchildren, brother & sister-in-laws as well as my dearest only OLDER bother.  Christmas, Birthdays, Christenings (even ones I’ve been present for), graduations, you name it, I’ve neglected it.

Yeah. I know I’m going straight to hell for it.

No wait. Hell would be in my future if I forgot Big and Little Bitey’s birthdays. Or any day of commemoration related to Shrinky (yes, he’s feeling molto bene now). or Glenn Tilbrook’s birthday, which happens to be the same day as M-bitey’s birthday, and being sooo Glenn fixated so you’d THINK I’d remember M-bitey. Sorry M. 

All righty then. Happy Birthday to my Big Bitey Brother, and to SLIBitey who’s BD is also this week, and an early birth-o-rama shout out to Mbitey and of course, Glenn Tilbrook.

Your lovin’ sister-aunt-groupie,


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