Same Old Same Old

I have fallen into the doldrums when it comes to reading. Swell and I have discussed this. I am suffering from eveything-I-pick-up-is-the-sameitis. I’m after fresh, edgy, smart, but what I find is stale, crusted with old blood, yellowing lace, serial killers, and brooding alphas who need to lighten up. Yes, I’m sure it’s just me, but I am BORED with what’s on offer. Of course I want that happily ever after, but can it get there in a NEW or clever way?


Indeed, it’s probably my own fault for reading too fast. I inhale my books. Out of ten books I get one gem. Then I expect the next nine to be just a glittery, but eight is a rehash of nine, seven is a rehash of a rehash of eight and so on…


Please, pardon me while I cover my gaping yawn. Sameness. Is that the fault of the author or the publisher who’s out to make money off whatever the current trend happens to be? For me, the trends in paranormal, historical, urban fantasy, contemporary and suspense are wearing thin. They have become predictable, too predictable. Am I the only one tired of vampires, supes, super-spies, black ops, SEALs, rogue FBI agents, serial killers, new gals in town and chefs following the same A to Z format? Is there any original element left out there?


Yes, there are plot formats we all know and love. I have to cop to the fact I adore heroes and heroines who hate each other at the start, as well as rogue FBI agents, and southern gentleman Vampire Bill. This admission this brings me to my TBR (To Be Read, for the uninitiated) pile, which, at this point, consists of one book.

As a result of my big yawn fest, I’m saving my new Susan Donovan (Ain’t Too Proud To Beg), for an upcoming trip, which isn’t fair, because that means I’m expecting BIG THINGS from SD. But here’s the thing. She surprised me with her last outing, where she turned the secret baby on its ear. I detest secret baby plots, but SD pulled it off. That fact Susan managed to putt that off for me gets to the heart of what I mean. She took week-old stale bread and transformed it into a delicious panzanella (Tuscan Bread salad), and who doesn’t love a good panzanella?

Will Susan Donovan do it again? Can she bring something original to Identicalville? Or am I trapped in the doldrums, doomed to float on a flat sea until Suzanne Brockmann’s next book comes out?

And your thoughts on the matter?  Surely you have some.

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