Meanwhile at the Station…

Join in and sing along with me. Pull out your adjectives, Utter some Inter-jec-tions! Tell me all about the function of Conjunction Junction. Invite me on down to Lolly’s to get my adverbs here! Welcome me to Procrastination Station…

This is really weird. I seem to know the tune, but I don’t remember there being a Schoolhouse Rock for slacking off. Do you? 

I am not usually a procrastinator. It doesn’t happen often, but when it strikes it usually involves peanut butter. However, in tonight’s case it involves peanut butter AND 3 bean vegetarian chilli. A weird combination I know, but I’m not eating them at the same time. I’m eating as a means of to avoid. I’m blogging as a means to avoid. I’m thinking about ironing as a means to avoid. Trust me on this (as Jenny Crusie said), this is not writer’s block. It’s a case of I don’t wanna write a Literature Review. 

You see, it’s only a DRAFT lit review. I know it’s going to change between when I submit my "Stage 2 Proposal" and when I get deeper into my fancy PhD research. It’s all so preliminary for something that’s supposed to last 3 years and there’s part o’ me thinking, "What’s the point of submitting a mere 3 months (or in the case of this draft, one month) into three years of research?" 

I’d really rather be writing And She Was. Or at least eating more peanut butter on crackers, but I seem to all out of saltines. Golly. It seems I have no choice. No crackers. Chilli’s all gone. Peanut butter is dwindling. It’s best I get back to wor–Hey! Shogun is on!

Saved by Richard Chamberlain and a twelve-hour 80s miniseries!

Welcome To Procrastination Station…

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